Virtual products with Combinations

Virtual products with Combinations

Virtual products with Combinations
  • Version:
    3.0.10 (
  • PrestaShop Compatibility:
    v1.7.4.x -> v8.0.x
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Create combinations for your dematerialized products!

Natively, PrestaShop does not allow to create combinations for a virtual product. This can be a problem if you want to allow your customers to choose, for example, the format of the file to download for a same product. You are then obliged to create a product page by file type when it is actually the same product...

Good news: our "Virtual product with combinations" module allows you to solve this problem. No configuration is necessary: you install the module on your shop and you can then immediately create as many combinations as you want, for all your virtual products. For each combination you can provide your customers with a different file and define the download modalities.

Your customers will therefore have access from the same product page to the different variants of the virtual product.

  • Gives the possibility to create combinations for virtual products
  • For each virtual product combination created:
    • Possibility to attach a file
    • Possibility to specify an expiration date for the file upload
    • Ability to set the nimber of downloads allowed per customer
    • Possibility to set the period (in days) during which the file can be downloaded by the customer


Note : when installing, the module automatically performs these overrides in Back-Office controllers:

  • classes/ProductDownload.php
  • classes/order/Order.php
  • classes/order/OrderDetail.php
  • classes/order/OrderHistory.php


Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the Virtual Products with Combinations module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it!

11/17/2022 - Version 3.0.10 (Minor update) - Prestashop 1.7.4.x > 8.0.x

  • Add compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0

02/21/2022 - Version 3.0.9 (Minor update) - Prestashop 1.7.4.x > 1.7.7.x

  • Minor fixes

03/11/2021 - Version 3.0.8 (Minor update) - Prestashop 1.7.4.x > 1.7.7.x