One Click Order

One Click Order

One Click Order
  • Version:
    1.0.6 (
  • PrestaShop Compatibility:
    v1.7.6.x -> v8.1.x
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Offer an highly simplified purchase process thanks to the 1 click order service

The "One Click Order" module allows you to stand out from the competition by offering an highly simplified purchase process thanks to the 1 click order service. This technology, patented by Amazon 10 years ago and which has largely contributed to its success, is now available for YOUR website! So don't wait anymore!
After a quick service configuration, your customers will be able to place their order instantly. Your conversion rate will be highly improved since this service will promote the spontaneous purchase of your visitors. Thanks to this easy buying process, your customers will come back to place their orders on your website to save time, which will increase your loyalty rate.

The Stripe technology use ensures easy installation, payment security and economy. Indeed:

  • You don't have any activation fees
  • You don't need to pay any subscription
  • You totally delegate the payment part to Stripe and this allows you to take advantage of a powerful anti-fraud system
  • You have a 3D secure compatible technology at your disposal
  • The commission is very attractive
  • The installation is done in a few clicks and you can make test orders without any bank charges

Reassure your customers! Credit card information are only saved by Stripe themselves. As a merchant, you have no access to this type of information for security reasons.

What your customers will like
  • Advantage of the Stripe technology: Contrary to a payment by PayPal for example, no need to have a Stripe account to pay! Your customer simply indicates his credit card number when he uses the service for the first time and then he doesn't have to worry anymore about the payment during his next purchases! Likewise for its delivery address: once the configuration of the service is done, everything is saved and the user no longer has to worry about it.

  • Your customers will greatly appreciate this facility to purchase and they will surely come back to your site! No more endless shopping processes, in 1 click they satisfy their desire to buy the product they want. So they no longer have reason to go to another site.

  • Your customers will benefit from the best online payment experience:
    • help with data entry: real-time validation, dynamic detection of information to be entered according to the country and the credit card used, automatic filling whatever browser and platform used, adaptation to every screen sizes
    • uninterrupted purchase process: your customer enters his billing information directly on your merchant site and is never redirected to a banking site.
  • Your customers will benefit from a great purchase simplicity while keeping an eye on their information. Indeed, thanks to a control pop-up, they are able to enter another bank card and / or another delivery / billing address than those already pre-saved. And if they don't want to change anything, they just have to click!



Your module configuration will take you a very little time

  • Choose the sales conditions to be approved by your users
  • Choose the pages for which you want to offer the One Click Order service (product pages and / or cart page)
  • Use the button styles from your theme or choose to completely design it according to your preferences (font size, font color, font color on hover, button background color, button background color on hover)
  • No need to install an additional payment module! Stripe is already integrated in the One Click Order module.
  • Take advantage of Stripe payment technology: simplicity, payment security and economy. Perform payment tests without any bank charges!
  • Take advantage of the ability to fully customize styles (a CSS editor is in the module)


When using the service for the first time, the user indicates his information in an extremely easy and quick way:

  • Payment part: possibility to add one or more payment cards. Possibility of verification by 3D secure technology (for cards enrolled at this service)
  • Delivery and billing part: possibility to set a favorite address
  • After service activation: direct return to the product so that the user can buy it in 1 click

On future visits, a customer who has activated the One Click Order service will be able to purchase the products of their choice without having to enter again their bank credentials. One click will be enough to place an order!


The 1 click order action provides a summary of the order and leaves your customer to freely modify, if he wants, his delivery / billing address or his bank credentials that he has pre-saved.


When he registers his bank credentials, your customer isn't redirected to any banking site, often unknown to international customers. Everything is done on your merchant site and the customer trust is kept. Stripe technology provides an uninterrupted buying process.

  • Stripe account required: The One Click Order module uses Stripe payment technology which guarantees simplicity, payment security and economy. A free account on is necessary to be able to offer the 1 click service on your PrestaShop website. This doesn't require any commission fees or paid subscription. You pay a (low) commission only when an order is made through the 1-click payment system. In your Stripe account, you'll be able to get a real-time view of the transaction fees applied to you. For more information, you can check out Stripe's pricing.

  • Eligibility: The One Click Order module can only be used by shops domiciled in countries where Stripe is available. To find out your eligibility, please see the list of Stripe eligible countries.

  • Payment methods accepted: Stripe accepts most of existing payment methods in Europe, United States and Asia. However, you can check the accepted payment methods by visiting Stripe's payment guide.

  • Server prerequisites: One Click Order requires at least PHP 5.3.3, its cURL extension, and a valid SSL certificate.

  • Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the One Click Order module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it! For example, you can test the integration of the One Click Order module with your PrestaShop theme in complete security.

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07/20/2023 - Version 1.0.6 (Minor update) - Prestashop 1.7.6.x > 8.1.x

  • New: add compatibility with PrestaShop 8.1

12/9/2022 - Version 1.0.5 (Minor update) - Prestashop 1.7.4.x > 8.0.x

  • Add compatibility with PrestaShop 8.0

01/28/2022 - Version 1.0.4 (Minor update) - Prestashop 1.7.4.x > 1.7.8.x

  • Fixes for notices with PHP >= 7.4
  • Fix minor issues with PrestaShop 1.7.8 and newer

08/21/2020 - Version 1.0.3 (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.7.x

  • Introduce PrestaShop 1.7.7 compatibility
  • Introduce SCA compatibility
  • Fix a possible Smarty conflict with other modules

07/23/2018 - Version 1.0.2 (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.5.x

  • Add compatibility with PrestaShop
  • Fix modal window when using virtual carts

02/5/2018 - Version 1.0.1 (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.3.x

  • Minor fixes

12/1/2017 - Version 1.0.0 (Major update) - Prestashop > 1.7.2.x