Advanced Cookie Banner

Advanced Cookie Banner

Advanced Cookie Banner
  • Version:
    2.0.1 (
  • PrestaShop Compatibility:
    v1.5.5.0 -> v1.7.6.x
  • Translations:

Advanced Cookie Banner is the ONLY module allowing you to put your shop in compliance with the EU's rules and Google's rules relative to the usage of interstitials.

Advanced Cookie Banner isn't another module only displaying a cookie banner

I don't know about you, but I think that the mobile navigation experience has worsened dramatically since the appearance of these banners. They aren't easy to close, and are taking a huge part of the screen.
As you will have guessed, I do not put up with them anymore, and Google's engineers too apparently.

Google will penalize the mobile websites that display interstitials and pop-ins

Did you knew that from January 2017, Google will penalize the SEO of all the website that are using intrusive and not required interstitials.
I invite you to read these rules so you can check if your website is compliant. You will find an example of what an cookie acceptation interstitial should look like.
I find this example very interesting, as it offers a clear presentation and offers an action which is very accessible thanks to its big "Accept" button. Even while walking, smartphone in hand, it isn't necessary anymore to aim for the little closing cross, or the little bottom-right button, which is making your browser's interface appear when trying to click on it.
Starting from this principle, we wished to offer an ergonomic approach, displaying a clear message, already translated in 24 languages.

Fully compliant with the European Law (User's consent & Cookies blocking)

Advanced Cookie Banner will display the traditional warning message, in the form of a banner, or an interstitial using an authorized format for mobiles, but will also block the modules wanting to create cookies on the devices of your visitors until they have given their consent.

Behind this "Modules using cookies Blocker" feature, there is a technical challenge. Actually, all the modules offering this fonctionnaly have chosen the easiest way, which is to modify your PrestaShop's default behaviour by installing an override.
It is very known from the experimented PrestaShop's users that overrides can create more issues that the solution they are supposed to bring you.

From the beginning of this project, our goal was to not use any override. We have achieved this goal with success, for your comfort

Features :

Compliance with the European Directive and the CNIL (French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty)

  • Displays a message informing the user about cookies' usages
  • Shipped with default messages in 24 languages
  • Asks for consent before allowing cookies creation on your visitors' devices
  • Prevents the selected modules from creating cookies during the first visit on your shop.
  • Allows to add a link to a CMS Page giving more information about the usage of the data stored in the cookies.

Concerned about user's experience

  • Initially designed for mobiles
  • The consent button has a size which matches a finger size

Acceptance by the pursuit of the navigation

  • Displayed as a banner without a button
  • Consultation of the "More Information" CMS page isn't considered as user's consent
  • Accessing another page is considered as user's consent. The banner disappear, and the cookies are created

Acceptance by clicking a button

  • On desktop, displays a banner with the information text and an approval button
  • On mobile, displays an interstitial with a customizable image, the information text, and an approval button
  • Other pages consultation isn't considered as user's consent, so the blockage will continue.
  • The click on the approval button will trigger a refresh of the current page, without the banner, and restore cookies creation

Graphical customization

  • Choose the banner position (top or bottom)
  • Choose the banner background color, and its opacity
  • Choose text color and its alignment within the banner
  • Choose the action button color
  • Choose the size and the color of the action button text
  • Choose the image displayed in the banner on mobile
  • Simulation Mode, allowing merchant to customize the banner without bothering its customers

Technical Specifications

  • Multilingual
  • Merchant can select which modules has to be disabled
  • Multi-shop compatible
  • Without overrides
  • We decline any responsability in case of wrong configuration of the module, or if you forget to block modules that are using cookies to collect personal data.
  • PrestaShop 1.7 compatibility is only available from version

11/8/2019 - Version 2.0.1 (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.6.x

  • Add a warning if the module is into simulation mode
  • Add compatibility with Page Cache
  • Update translations

06/20/2018 - Version 2.0.0 (Major update) - Prestashop > 1.7.6.x

  • New: Cookies segmentation (GDPR)
  • New: Advanced CSS Styles
  • New: Label CMS link
  • Various fixes

11/20/2017 - Version 1.0.1 (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.5.x

  • Add new translations
  • Fix for PrestaShop 1.7

11/24/2016 - Version 1.0.0 (Minor update) - Prestashop >

  • First version