Advanced Subscription

Advanced Subscription

Advanced Subscription
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    v1.6.0.9 -> v1.7.6.x
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Are you ready for subscription-based e-commerce?

This is a business model that combines e-commerce and subscription retail. So what is the concept really all about?
Subscription-based e-commerce is an excellent way for brands and retailers to begin a process of getting to know their clientèle and establish customer loyalty: the real strength of this economic system is simply its powerful ability to generate customer loyalty!
Another advantage is that subscription-based e-commerce enables you to benefit from recurring monthly revenue without having to rely on the acquisition of new customers. What's more, subscription-based e-commerce encourages consumers to indulge and to re-purchase your products if they are impressed.
It stands to reason that there is no-one more loyal than a customer who pays a subscription, but be careful, there are a few down sides to the subscription nowadays: customers are developing an increasing dislike to being tied in. As a result you have to grant him a great deal of freedom; he must be able to cancel his subscription whenever he sees fit! 
If at the beginning of the month your customer no longer wishes to receive the product or products for which he has subscribed, it should not have to be delivered nor billed for. Nevertheless, the likelihood that the customer will continue to use the service is much more important than is the case with "traditional" e-commerce! It is the assurance of regular monthly turnover, alongside the ability to manage your stock levels.
Our Advanced Subscription module for PrestaShop takes into account all of these precepts and saves you the precious time that would be required to implement them manually.
The reason that the paid subscription model is developing so quickly within the area of e-commerce is that retail sites appear to find in it an effective solution by which to counteract one of the main issues that chips away at their profitability: delivery fees
Amazon Premium, Fnac Express+, Cdiscount à volonté... Many e-commerce retailers are now launching their own paid subscription services. In order to grasp the reason behind the phenomenon, one need only remember the fact that delivery fees remain the leading cause of abandoned shopping carts and that, on average, a subscribing customer is twice as lucrative as a non-subscribing customer.

A few figures to quantify the impact of delivery on e-business:

87% of online shoppers systematically search for a means by which to avoid having to pay shipping fees (searching for a promotional code, addition of a product to the cart...).
44% abandon their purchases purely and simply on account of these fees
66% switch to a different retail site in search of delivery conditions that are acceptable to them.
Converting customers into subscribers enables online retailers to save time and money compared to traditional methods of recovering customers and generating customer loyalty, as it allows you automate part of the customer relationship. This saving can then be allocated to a free delivery service reserved solely for your subscribers, thus eliminating this purchasing deterrent and in turn achieving much greater conversion rates.

Objective: to generate long-term customer loyalty

In addition to the appeal of novelty, subscription-based e-commerce represents a formidable double-edged sword for brands that are reliant on distribution networks and that are targeting growth. In actual fact, first and foremost the subscription principle allows retailers to generate recurrent turnover and a stable operating account.
Thus, while subscription-based e-commerce may have cut its teeth with samples and travel-sized products, various other products now also appear to lend themselves to the model: in ready-to-wear clothing, cosmetics, culture and leisure, but also products intended for regular consumption such as mineral water or hygiene products (baby nappies for instance).

Optimization of supply and of your logistics

The subscription enables you to achieve an improved rate of re-purchase, thus allowing you to purchase from your suppliers more efficiently. In fact, our module will enable you to accurately predict which products will sell, in which quantity and at which frequency. 
Features :
    • Enables the marketing of products and services in the form of a subscription
    • Integrated means of payment capable of processing automated and recurrent transactions
    • Your customers are only required to enter their card and address details once!
    • Enables the implementation of discounts dedicated to subscribers, with the management of customer groups
    • The start date of the subscription can be selected by the customer or by the retailer
    • Enables the marketing of products only available in subscription form (prohibits the adding of the product to the shopping cart for non-recurrent purchase).
    • Features a trial mode enabling your customers to benefit from an initial free month, for example.
    • Management of weekends to anticipate the creation of orders falling on Saturdays or Sundays
    • Enables the definition of the number of days prior to the creation of an order during which time your customers will not be able to modify the order
    • Enables the definition of the minimum number of days that must separate two automatic orders for the same customer
    • Allows you to select months eligible for the creation of automatic orders
    • Allows you customers to change the date on which date on which their subscription order will be renewed
    • Allows your customers to convert their subscription into an immediate order
    • Enables your customers to exceptionally cancel the next due payment
    • Automated email notification system for your customers, alerting them of upcoming orders, stock shortages etc.
    • Control screens listing your subscribers and the products for which the subscriptions are active
    • Management of unsuccessful transactions (in the event of an expired bank card, for example)
    • The need for the implementation of a CRON task on your server or the use of PrestaShop's Cron Task Manager module

09/12/2019 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.6.x

  • Update Stripe integration (SCA Ready)
  • Does not add the same SubNotification on the same day
  • Bugfixes on order validation

08/14/2019 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.6.x

  • Create the PrestaShop order before execute the payment
  • Handle "Cron Jobs" module by PrestaShop
  • Bugfixes and debugs tools on cron task

06/18/2019 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.6.x

  • Add compatibility with PrestaShop 1.7.6

05/14/2019 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.5.x

  • Let the customer transform an order to a reccuring order
  • Send a “before delivery” email to Member Card members
  • Do not validate the subscriber if the first payment is in error state
  • Fix currency usage on Stripe payments
  • Fix extend of MemberCard validity
  • Fix usage of Mondial Relay and others carriers with relay points

02/14/2019 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.5.x

  • Fixes for PrestaShop 1.7.5
  • Fix redirection after creating an account
  • Other fixes and improvements

11/8/2018 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.5.x

  • PrestaShop 1.7.5.x compatibility
  • Allow suscription cancelation from back office
  • Send an email when subscription cancelation
  • Fix CartRules price calculation
  • Minimal quantity management

07/25/2018 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.4.x

  • Change in the internal subscription management system (better stability)
  • Payfort: support stopped
  • Various optimizations in Back Office
  • Various optimizations in Front Office
  • Improved indications displayed on automated tasks
  • Keeps expired subscriptions
  • Add PrestaShop 1.7.4 compatibilty

09/15/2017 - Version (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.3.x

  • Fix fatal error (PrestaShop <
  • Several fixes
  • Check voucher validity more times
  • Fix the choose of a delivery option while having "subscriptions only" products
  • Let the customer edit carrier even if only one available (relay point)

08/3/2017 - Version 1.0.3 (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.2.x

  • New payment method: Payments by check
  • New payment method: Classic Order (Payments link)
  • The merchant can now choose which order state is associated to payment module
  • Allow overriding partials templates of the module
  • Various fixes and optimizations

03/9/2017 - Version 1.0.2 (Minor update) - Prestashop > 1.7.0.x

  • PrestaShop 1.7 compatibility from
  • Cart rule management
  • "displayOrderConfirmation" hook execution for instant orders
  • Add new payment method: Bank Wire
  • Add new payment method: Payfort
  • Add Terms and Condition validation control
  • Several Back and Front Office optimizations
  • Add Spanish translations

11/18/2016 - Version 1.0.1 (Minor update) - Prestashop >

  • New Payment method: Stripe
  • New Payment method: Cash on Delivery
  • New Member ship feature
  • Various little fixes

09/23/2016 - Version 1.0.0 (Minor update) - Prestashop >

  • First version