Live Preview

Live Preview

Live Preview
  • Version:
    1.0.0 (
  • PrestaShop Compatibility:
    v1.5.3.1 -> v1.6.1.6
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The advantages of a test server... without the drawbacks!

Live Preview is a PrestaShop module that allows you to make corrections or perform validations on your production site.

You, your agency, or your developer can now modify templates, CSS, and JavaScripts on the production site while keeping the changes confidential. You alone choose who sees your changes if you want to ask their opinion, or ask them to validate the changes before taking them live.

You save on infrastructure costs and have no more synchronization problems between your production and test servers.

Apply a modification to every page of your shop, or on just one!

Are you undecided between two versions of your new product page mock-up?
Assign them to different products, then view them to compare them, share their private links to ask for your contact's opinions, or send them to your client for validation.

Change structure, style, and interactions

Live Preview allows you to preview your theme modifications (.tpl files), your stylesheets (.css), and your JavaScripts (.js).

Group your changes in TPL, CSS, and JS files to add them to pages that will be modified, or work faster by inserting your code directly inline.

Everyone wins: Discover the advantages of Live Preview

Are you an agency?

  • Save time validating changes
  • No synchronization required between development and production servers
  • Protect your interventions on the shops of your clients who don't have development servers


Are you a merchant?

  • Save on the cost of maintaining a development server
  • Order theme graphic modifications from your developer without giving him or her the keys to your server
  • No need to put your shop into maintenance mode while it is being updated

Work, Share, Exchange!

After your modifications have been applied to your pages in private mode, you can present your work to contacts of your choice by simply sending them a special URL that doesn't require identification. They can view it immediately, which makes exchanges and validation easier.

  • Unlimited number of mock-ups
  • Multi-Shop compatible
  • Allows you to modify every page or only specific pages
  • The modifications are applied from a specific TPL file, external CSS files or JS files, or entered in "inline" mode.
  • Export private URLs to your contacts for validation

04/18/2014 - Version 1.0.0 (Minor update) - Prestashop >

  • Initial release