Advanced Pack + Google Rich Snippets

Advanced Pack + Google Rich Snippets

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Business Tech and Presta-Module have once again partnered up to deliver an exceptional offer !

Indeed, with this pack composed of our Advanced Pack 5, as well as BusinessTech's Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro & Google Rich Snippets, you can benefit from the following functionality:

  • The most advanced customer review system for PrestaShop on the market
  • Google Rich Snippets fucntionality to benefit from the enriched markup and have a chance to see you products with stars representing the product's average rating in Google search results
  • The ability to sell product bundles and deliver special bundle promotions without having to worry about product variants or inventory

Our respective teams have worked hard to integrate the 2 modules so that each product that composes a pack in Presta-Module's Advanced Pack 5 can display the ratings and reviews associated with that product.

Allow the purchase of combinations of products with or without a discount, in one click

Would you like to increase your average shopping cart and at the same time, allow your customers to save money if they purchase several products simultaneously?

It is now possible thanks to Advanced Pack !

Without waiting any longer, you can create packs of products that can be purchased in one click, without worrying about stock or their combinations.

A precious additional sales tool

Accompany your customers in their buying process, by offering them packs of coherent products that you will have predefined, just as the salesman in a real shop would do.
Such as for example: this fantastic camera, memory card and tripod. You know that this selection is appropriate and that it will appeal to your customers.

Or you could even use your best-sellers, by adding them to those that are less visible, to allow your customers to discover them.

Your packs will need to be made up of 2 products minimum, the number is unlimited.
Push the quantity per product, choose the combinations of your choice, there are multiple options allowing you to multiply the possibilities.

Would you like to reserve the purchase of a product within a pack?
That is also possible! You will therefore be able to offer a free product if it is purchased as part of a pack. The possibilities are infinite!

Integrated assistant

It isn't always obvious deciding which products should be offered within a pack. Here again Advanced Pack has the solution to the problem.
When creating your pack, our module will supply you with strategic information, like the number of products sold or their available stock.

There is also an integrated dynamic price simulator for your pack, to help you see more clearly when creating your business transaction.

Remain the maestro of combinations

One of the products that you have added to your pack is available in several colors, but you don't want to offer them all in this set?
Advanced Pack will allow you to do this.

You will also have the possibility of predefining a combination by default, for each of the products of your pack, even if it's different to the one defined in your catalog.
Your customers will then be able to personalise their selection amongst the characteristics that you will have chosen to integrate in the offer.

Business Incentive

Incentive is something that motivates your visitor to make a purchase The main aim is to convince more of your site visitors to finish their order and/or spend more money per transaction.

Perhaps you have already tried, by offering free delivery over a certain amount of purchases, or to offer discounts on certain products or even to send discount vouchers?
All of these methods work, but their range is limited, as these promotions are usually temporary due to their excessive cost!
Stop looking, you have already found the solution !

To entice your customers, Advanced Pack will give you the choice of applying a discount when all the products in the shopping cart are ordered, thus encouraging the purchase of the whole pack.

3 possibilities are available:

  • Offer a specific discount on each product in the pack
  • Apply a general discount on the set of products
  • Apply a fixed price, such as a psychological price, for example

Advanced Pack will also be able to manage the discounts already applied to your products, allowing you to integrate them in the pack price, or on the contrary, to exclude them, in order to choose the predefined discount on the pack.
This decision will be made even easier thanks to our clear and clean-looking interface, that will allow you to see the discounted products very easily.

You won't need to worry about the coherence of your prices anymore

Have you ever had to review all the prices in your catalog, to detect any possible incoherences and correct them? What would happen if you had to manually manage the repercussions of these changes in product pricing in your packs? This would represent a significant extra workload if if it's not anticipated within the choice of management solutions within your packs!

Once again Advanced Pack has the solution.

By default, in the case where no reduction has been applied, the pack price is the sum of the products making it up.
Should you need to modify the price of a product after having created the pack, the pack price will automatically be updated, and without you having to intervene.

In those cases where you will apply a discount to one or more products in an existing pack, and on condition you have authorized the promotional implications, the pack price will also be changed, showing your customers the discount that has been applied.

Is one of the products of your pack subject to an green-tax? No problem, it will automatically be reflected in the pack price and will be clearly stated, guaranteeing absolute respect for the legislation.

Regarding the management of your stock, everything has been automated!

For each pack ordered, the product stocks it contains will be automatically deducted. This way you will avoid the double management of stock or the frustration generated by sales rendered impossible, due to the bad assignation of quantities.

Also, in the case where a product in a pack is out of stock, it will automatically be displayed as unavailable for purchase thanks to an availability warning system that is both elegant and modern.
For your customers, we have integrated a graphic and fun notification system, allowing the instant identification of stock shortages on combinations or products making up the pack. There's no chance of you receiving orders for products that are out of stock !

Highlight your packs and sell more

Once you have defined your pack, you will be able to configure it in the same way as you would a classic product. Everything is possible, such as assigning it customized images, classing it in the category of your choice, optimizing your SEO, writing a customized description, attributing it an EAN code or a specific reference, configuring its volume to calculate delivery costs, etc...

For those that are pressed for time, and in order to facilitate their marketing, Advanced Pack will automatically display all the photos of the products that make it up, as well as their descriptions, in the form of tabs.
Your customers will be correctly informed, without leaving the page of your pack, and able to finalise their purchase in one click.

And that's not all... For more visibility, your packs will automatically be highlighted on their data sheets for those being sold in lots
This way, you will encourage your customers to order the pack, rather than the product they were initially interested in. Essentially, this is cross-selling: an accessible method of increasing your average shopping cart !

We don't forget designers

From the beginning, we have integrated the fact that this module should be easily adapted by your web agency or designer/integrator.
The module fits perfectly with the default PrestaShop 1.7 theme, while allowing the most advanced graphic customization.

A set of JavaScript templates and CSS style sheets are delivered as models with the module, to facilitate the integration process. Either yourself or your integrator will therefore be able to use all of the functionalities of the Advanced Pack 5 engine, in order to present them in the graphic form that will best correspond with the general atmosphere of your online store.

*** New! *** Advanced Pack 5 is now fully compatible with the best SEO theme for PrestaShop on the market: Fashion SEO from SEO Presta. All styles of the module have been integrated into the theme so no integration work is needed. Order your theme or update it now by visiting

  • Automatic creation of a pack-product data sheet with a choice of combinations and stock management
  • The packs can be attached to categories
  • Management of the order of products making up a pack
  • Choice of combinations by default for each product in the pack
  • Pack stocks are calculated in real-time on the product stocks that make it up
  • Creation of packs with or without discounts
  • Management of decreasing PrestaShop prices
  • Management of price impacts on combinations
  • Possibility of stopping the isolated sale of a product present in the pack.
  • Sales statistics
  • Assistant that will help you work out the sales price of the pack
  • Management of packs composed of products with different tax rates


Advanced Pack 5 does not allow the creation of sets of products with custom images fields (custom text fiels can be used)
Advanced Pack 5 does not allow the creation of sets of products from differing warehouses
Advanced Pack 5 does not allow to export packs to a marketplace (whatever it is)
Advanced Pack 5 does not allow to add a pack to an order created manually from back office
Advanced Pack 5 does not allow to share packs between shops
Advanced Pack 5 is not compatible with order creation via webservice/API

  • Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the Advanced Pack 5 module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it! For example, you can test the integration of the Advanced Pack 5 module with your PrestaShop theme in complete security.

  • E-commerce: Find all our advice on the daily management of your store but also on how to improve its visibility.
  • Management of packs composed of products with different tax rates
With Google Rich Snippets, benefit from visually enhanced results on Google's search engine results and increase your click rate, numbers visitors and sales ! The full rating and review system will also greatly improve your shop's conversion rate and further increase your sales.

If you have already purchased our Facebook PS Wall Posts module (sold separately on, you can have any rating / review automatically posted on your Facebook fan page.

This module is also fully compatible and integrates with Presta-Module's "Advanced Pack 5" module, available on

This module is developed and published by Business Tech, certified PrestaShop developer and winner of the 2011 & 2014 PrestaShop Awards for Best module.

You are guaranteed to buy a quality module and to get fast and efficient tech support in case you need it. 


In order to enable your product pages with review related Rich Snippets code, the module needs to have, well... some review data, and therefore a mechanism that allows people to post ratings and reviews on your products. The module includes a state of the art rating and review system with great features and functionality:
  • Slick AJAX based interface
  • Enable ratings only (numerical ratings only, no written reviews) or both
  • Reviews pagination options for both the front and back-office
  • Ability to require moderation / admin approval for written reviews to be posted
  • Review litigation management system: you can type a reply to a review which will be sent to the customer, and after reading it, the customer will have a one-time ability to modify his / her rating and review. Furthermore, your response can also be displayed below the customer's review so visitors can also read your response.
  • Advanced moderation interface with the ability to edit written reviews to correct any typos or mistakes, or slightly adjust the verbiage, as well as the ability to delete a review altogether (but not the associated numerical rating) 
  • Ability to manually add reviews from your back-office
  • Two authorization levels for reviews: any registered customer can post on any product, or only customers who have already purchased the specific product being viewed can review it
  • Review summary block can be included on any of the 4 hooks available on the product page (extra right, extra left, product actions or product footer)
  • Detailed reviews are included in an extra product tab on the product page
  • Ability to include a "latest reviews" block in several of your website's "hooks" / locations, as well as a dedicated page with all reviews
  • 6 different preset styles for review icons (stars and thumbs up, each with 3 color sets) and you can add your own additional icon sets very easily
  • Ability to display the star ratings in product "lists" (categories, brands, search results etc...)


Google's Rich Snippets consists of additional HTML code added on your product pages, which is invisible to visitors. They allow you to turn your regular search engine results into visually enhanced, eye-catching results, at no additional cost (see for an example).

Products benefiting from Rich Snippets will include additional product information such as category, price, and may also include other details such as brand and even a photo (which elements are included are up to Google though). 

If any ratings and reviews have been posted for the product, your listing in Google search engine results will also include its rating, displayed in the form of yellow stars. This greatly enhances your visibility and will result in a much higher click rate on your links, even if you are not in the top results.
  • Selection / priority order of meta-description, short description or long description for your Rich Snippets product description
  • Ability to include lowest price / highest price range in your Rich Snippets code for products with attribute combinations
  • Several options for unique product identifiers (brand, EAN / UPC and supplier reference)
  • Automatic inclusion of full product category via the PrestaShop breadcrumb
  • Selection of individual (last rating and review posted) or aggregate (average of all product ratings) for inclusion in the Rich Snippets code


  • You can receive an e-mail every time a new rating / review is posted
  • You can choose to send your customers an automatic e-mail reminder to invite them to rate the products they have purchased a few days after their order
  • Upon installation of the module, you can also import all your past orders and invite your customers to post reviews on these past orders, so as to quickly start populating your online shop with customer reviews


You can also configure vouchers with small amounts as an incentive to encourage your customers to review your products and then share these reviews on Facebook. The 2 voucher systems (for posting a review and then sharing on Facebook) are independant and you can configure either, both or none.

If you do so, customers will be informed of this fact both on your product pages above the form to post a review and via the reminder e-mails, further boosting the share of people who will review your products.


If you have already purchased our Facebook PS Wall Posts module (sold separately on, you can have any rating / review automatically posted on your Facebook fan page. 

The mechanism integrates nicely with the moderation feature, so that reviews will only be posted on your page once they have been approved from the moderation interface, if moderation has been activated.


Business Tech and Presta-Module have once again worked together to bring you a real synergy: their "Advanced Pack 5" module perfectly integrates with our module. All products listed on one of the "pack" pages produced by their module will have the average star rating, as well as all the detailed reviews, for each product that makes up the pack. This module can be purchased separately on


If you are already using PrestaShop's built-in "Product comments" module, you can import all your existing ratings and comments so as not to lose any of your history.