Performance Pack

Performance Pack

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Convert each visitor into a customer with this pack containing three modules dedicated to cart transformation to orders.

Develop loyalty for your new customers!

Encourage new customers to come back to your store and save time by send them a welcome offer for their second order.

Through a clean and simple interface, you just have to choose the type of reward (fixed amount, percentage of total order, shipping costs or discount by step) and the categories which apply this offer.

Welcome Offer is shipped with a fully automated e-mail sending system, who broadcast your offer to your new customers.

This module allows you to significantly increase the rate of "re"-order and thus boost the loyalty of your new customers.

A nice marketing method that could quickly differentiate yourself from the competition!

Customer Benefits:
  • Sense of consideration
  • Increased purchasing power
  • loyalty rewarded
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • No special skills required
  • Module completely autonomous
  • Choice of the period of validity of the offer
  • Multi-lingual messages predefined according to the type of offer (amount, percentage or free shipping)

Increase your cart average value

Incite your customers to buy complementary products related to the ones in their cart, and increase your cart average value.

Cross Selling On Cart acts as a real virtual advisor and allows your customers to take advantage of relevant recommendations, allowing them to be accompanied in their purchase intent.

It allows you to define combinations of products in order to suggest them to your customers once they are about to order one of them.

From this product combination, you can precisely conduct your customers by avoiding the risk to propose bad suggestions.

Further more, complementary products can be added directly from the order process page, and prevent cart abandonment rate.

If you already own Modal Cart 3, you will be able to display suggestions when a product from your catalog is added to the cart!

Compatible with Modal Cart 3!

If Modal Cart 3 is installed on your store, you will be able to offer your complementary products on add to cart action into the confirmation window.

Features :

3 modes are available:

  • Static products list
  • Accessories set from your catalog
  • Product proposals in accordance with your order history
Also :
  • Responsive
  • Product proposals in accordance with the contents of the cart
  • Unlimited suggestions per product
  • Compatible with Modal Cart 3
  • Use of filters selection of products for quick entry
  • Automatic Horizontal scroll in JavaScript on the cart page
  • Management of the number of complementary products to display simultaneously
  • Choice of the product image size to display
  • Product sort by drag & drop
  • Customizing of the width of the block cross-selling

Add the best tag manager for PrestaShop

Adding trackers to your website has never been that simple with Advanced Tracking Wizard !

Insert into your pages the scripts provided by Google Analytics, Google AdWords, market-places, comparators, or affiliate network.
No skills are required to install tracking tags given by your partners !

Choose a page where you want tags to appear, copy/paste the code given by your partner, add dynamic variables (Total, customer e-mail...) and SAVE !

Advanced Tracking Wizard is shipped with 3 predefined trackers for Kelkoo, WebGains, Sociomantic and Twenga (Ready To Sell) services.

Simple and powerful, Advanced Tracking Wizard gives you complete autonomy to manage your tags, and lets you create re-targeting or re-marketing campaigns.

An exclusive maintenance mode enables you to validate the proper installation of your tags with your partners before production start.

  • Unlimited trackers
  • Maintenance mode
  • Code editing with syntax highlighting
  • Dynamic tag libraries ready to use
Available pages:
  • Home
  • Categories (all or specific ones)
  • Products
  • Cart
  • Pre-payment
  • Post-payment
  • CMS
  • Manufacturer
  • Supplier
  • All
Available Tags:
  • Categories:
    • ID Category
    • Categories Name
  • Products:
    • ID Product
    • Name
    • Reference
    • Price (taxes & ecotax management)
  • Customer:
    • ID Customer
    • E-mail
    • Firstname
    • Lastname
    • Post Code
    • City
    • Country
    • Lang
    • ID Gender
    • Birthday
    • New customer ?
  • Cart:
    • ID Cart
    • IDs Products on Cart
    • IDs Categories on Cart
    • Products Quantity on Cart
    • Product's prices
    • Currency configurable: ID Currency, Name, ISO Code, Sign
    • Vouchers used
  • Order:
    • ID Order
    • Total configurable: taxes, shipping, discount
    • Shipping Only with or without taxes
    • Payment method (public and technical name)
    • Commission percentage given
    • Product list for Google Tag Manager