Apparence Pack

Apparence Pack

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Personalize your website and add new contents to your pages, with this pack containing our 3 best front modules.

The best "add to cart confirmation window" available for PrestaShop.

Modal Cart 3 show a confirmation window on the add to cart event for your customers. This modal window appears above the content and guiding the user to one or more specific choices (continue shopping, add a complementary product (you will need Cross Selling On Cart addon), or checkout.

Modal Cart 3 is shipped with 3 types of add to cart windows:
  1. 1. Last Product Added - show immediately the product's image added, its name, price, attributes, and so on...
  2. 2. Shopping Cart Cummary - show a complete cart summary which contents taxes amount, shipping rate, and total to pay
  3. 3. Notification - to receive a flash notification on add to cart action
Did you say customization?

Each of these windows are highly customizable in look and contents.

Depending on the type of your modal window, you can customize its content by adding text, images or HTML compositions where you want.

Increase your cart average with the cross selling on modal cart!

Finally, Modal Cart 3 is compatible with our cross-selling module Cross Selling On Cart.

If this module is installed on your shop, you can display in Modal Cart 3, selected or complementary products to increase your cart rate.

Features :
  • 3 types of modal window highly customizables
  • Cart summary, Last added product and Instant notification mode
  • Product's images size settings
  • Product's attributes management
  • Shipping rate management
  • Taxes management
  • Discounts management
  • Show the cart amount to reach for having free shipping
  • Contents window management by drag-and-drop
  • No CSS skills required
  • Amazing CSS button generator
  • Compatible with Cross Selling On Cart module

The ultimate solution for full ambiances management!

This background manager module is the ultimate solution to spread full page ambiances very quickly, advertising skins or create background slideshows.

Advanced Background Changer lets you set rapidly and professionally background images in full screen, CSS3 compositions, and background slideshows.

You will be able to spread events or any other marketing operation like Christmas, New Year, St-Valentine's day, Easter corners at the colors of your brands, advertising skins, etc...

Further more you can restrict the display of your background campaign according to your visitor status (logged in or not) or to specific pages of your e-shop.

Highlight your favorite products brands, and suit their page up at the color of their manufacturer!

Or simply, use the areas framing your content, and insert ephemeral advertising skins.

You can also use the module for YOUR personal fu and change your website identity with beautiful backgrounds for a low cost!

  • Multilingual
  • Allows the add of background using JavaScript or CSS methods
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Slideshow mode
  • Click zones
  • Display restriction to a selection of pages
  • Possibility to plan the background according to your calendar
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • User group management
  • Visitor profile management
  • Advanced styles management (CSS)

Discover the most complete blocks and slideshows manager available for PrestaShop.

Ads & Slideshow is an amazing toolkit which allows you to add an unlimited number of images, slideshows, product's carousel or HTML blocks anywhere on your site. Your customers will be reassured and excited to place orders on an aesthetic and professional shop !

Excellent marketing tool, it will highlight your offers, services and partners in a professional way with ease.

It comes with 16 JavaScript transition effects from NIVO Slider and SUDO Slider libraries, your slideshows are also visible on mobile devices.

In addition, you can customize your slideshows through a set of icons integrated into the module.

Ads & Slideshow is the ultimate module to create rich content on your store.

Truly multilingual, by the ability to assign an image by language, it will also adapt according to profiles of your visitors, with the help of access permissions.

Compatibility with other PrestaShop modules:

With GAnalytics module (supplied as standard with PrestaShop), it offers to track the individual performance of your slides through events of Google Analytics.

Ads & Slideshow allows you to publish your banners on your Facebook shop (requires Facebook PS Shop Tab module).

Using this module, you can create:
  • Advanced home page compositions using images, slideshows, products and videos
  • Illustrate your products with videos or sliders
  • Add blocks
Types of managed contents:
  • Text / HTML
  • Images Slideshow (16 effects available)
  • Online CSS Editor
  • Product's caroussel (horizontal scrolling)
Available hooks:
  • Home Page (hook home)
  • Top of page (hook top)
  • Left column blocks (hook leftColumn)
  • Right column blocks (hook rightColumn)
  • Products pages (hooks productFooter & extraRight)
  • Bottom of page (hook footer)
In addition, each slideshow can be configured with precision:
  • Quick presentation (size, rich editor, backgrounds, margins ...)
  • Advanced presentation (CSS editor built-in with syntax highlighting)
  • Behavior (autostart, loop playback, shuffle, transitions ...)
  • Navigation (arrows, thumbnails, bullets, captions...)
  • Schedules display at the nearest second
  • Permissions (guest or customer)
  • Display only a selection of categories or products
  • Automatic product's slideshows
  • Slides types images or rich texts for adding HTML and Flash Video
  • Configuration wizard with presets
  • Full JavaScript
  • Integrated libraries transitions NIVO Slider and SUDO Slider
  • Statistical analysis of events by Google Analytics
  • Comes with 172 navigation icons
  • Automatic resize of your images
  • Caption management
  • Permissions management
  • Translations management
  • Schedules management
  • Multi-hooks
  • Multi-instances by hook (you can hang several slideshows on a single location)
  • Advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting


It is also possible to add additional hooks!
Read our french tutorial here