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SEO Pack

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Bring your website at top ranking with this pack containing 3 modules dedicated to SEO

Enhance your PrestaShop SEO

Internal linking is the creation of links between pages of your shop, using keywords you want to achieve a better place on Google.

To optimize the SEO of your website, it is essential to create an internal linking that will allow search engines to browse your shop in the most easy way as possible. The goal is to provide maximum informations with the least clicks deep.

SEO Internal Linking PrestaShop module optimizes the organization of navigation in your store, and plays an essential role in your SEO strategy.

Define the keywords on which you wish to be listed and their landing pages, and let the module create the links for you!

If you want to add automatic links in your categories descriptions, consider installing our PrestaShop module HTML On Descriptions.

Do we really need internal linking?

Internal linking strategy based on specific keywords is an optimization method that has proven its worth. Especially to enhance a content relevance.

Among the disadvantages, you should know that the installation of these links is long and tedious, and requires to follow SEO good practices, to not over-optimize (which would be detected by Google), and must be updated regularly to track changes in your catalog.

With this in mind, we have developed this module, allowing you to deploy thousands of cross links between your pages within minutes, while being sure to observe best practice guidelines of White Hat SEO.

It has been designed to support both SEO agencies and e-shop owners.

SEO Internal Linking is really simple to manage.

  • Multilingual
  • Creates link in the description (long, short, or both) of product pages
  • Creates link in CMS content page
  • Creates link in manufacturers page (PrestaShop 1.5 only)
  • Creates link in the content of homepage module (editorial Block Module)
  • Ability to disable links creation between the title tags (h1, h2 …)
  • Ability to add a rel = "nofollow" on your links (the search engines will not transmit popularity)
  • Ability to add an attribute target = "_blank" on your links (open in new page / tab)
  • Ability to add a "title" attribute on your links
  • Ability to specify a position preference for placing links in the case where multiple instances of the same expression already exists in the page
  • Ability to choose a scope for your expressions (combined choice between products, categories, manufacturers and suppliers)
  • Implementation of the process of creating / updating links by cron job or manually from the back office module
  • Ability to restore the catalog to its initial state (deletion of links added by the module)

Improve your conversion rate and SEO

The statistics are clear: the main reason why a user leave a web page is the loading time.
Yahoo! said that adding 400ms to the page loading time on their car website raises the dropout rate from 5 to 9%. (Sources: Performance Web)

In addition, the speed display is a guarantee of quality which has a very positive influence on the positioning in the search engines.

Let your customers enjoy a more comfortable navigation on your website by shortening the loading time of pages, and saving his time!

Features :
  • Display your pages twice faster *
  • Reduce by two the number of MySQL queries *
  • Define areas of your site that you want to cache
  • Adapt the lifetime of the cache in global or for each module
  • Cache data into MySQL
  • Compatible with Store Commander**
* Average gain observed on a panel of beta testers using different versions of PrestaShop under production.
** Store Commander offers a free extension to Cache Manager. The only requirement to use this free extension is to have an updated version of Store Commander (minimum version from 2012-10-29).

Provide to your customers the products that meet their needs.

Indispensable tool for shops offering a wide selection of products, Advanced Search 4 can add as many search engines as you want and place them in different places on your website.
This module was developed in an effort to provide short loading times, even on large catalogs.
Your visitors can browse products that match their search criteria, to make their purchases in minimal time.

Winner of the Best PrestaShop Modules Awards 2012

Advanced Search 4 won the Best module of the year Award at the PrestaShop BarCamp of Barcelona (Spain)!

PrestaShop Awards 2012 Best Module

Indispensable tool for shops offering a wide selection of products.

Advanced Search 4 adds the multi-layered navigation, search by step, filters and multi-criteria searches.
Each search is saved over the navigation, allowing your visitors to return to the results of their research at any time.

Google is his friend

This PrestaShop Addon is a small revolution for SEO. Advanced Search 4 generate a mass-produced products pages optimized for SEO, and without duplicate content!

Pick up your criteria on which you want to improve your SEO, validate them, and here you go with hundreds of pages listing your products, including: re-written URL, H1 tags, description, meta tags, automatised cross links...

To maximize your reputation, these results pages can be shared on most social networks places around the internet, as well as sent by e-mail.


Types of available research:

  • Multi-criteria
  • Multi-layered navigation
  • Filters
  • Search by step
  • Instant search
  • Predefined search optimised for your SEO


Hooks availables:

  • Top of page (hook top)
  • Left column blocks (hook leftColumn)
  • Right column blocks (hook rightColumn)
  • Custom place (anywhere on your site)


Each search engine can be configured with precision:

  • Quick presentation (size, rich editor, backgrounds, margins ...)
  • Advanced presentation (CSS editor built-in with syntax colors)
  • Display number of results before starting the search
  • Dynamic criteria
  • Search criteria reminder
  • Search criteria conservation over navigation
  • Sort order preferences of search results
  • Pagination
  • Display only a selection of categories or products


Each search criterion can also be configured:

  • Orders preferences for criteria display
  • Types of criteria available in several forms (drop-down menus, links, checkboxes, images, color picker, ranges...)
  • Allows selection of multiple criteria in a group
  • Simultaneous display limit
  • Search in stock products


The most accomplished layered navigation addon for PrestaShop:

  • SEO optimised page generator
  • Search in stock products and combinations
  • Full AJAX
  • Compatible with specific prices rules
  • Uses its own indexes tables for better performance
  • Research on the mainstream product selection (filter mode)
  • Search by price range (dynamic cursors)
  • Multi-criteria searches
  • Multi-layered searches
  • Translation management
  • Multi-hooks
  • Multi-instances by hook (you can add several search engines on a single location)
  • Advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting
  • Share search results
  • Automatised re-indexation after product alteration, doable by cron task and manualy per search engine