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Navigation Pack

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Show your catalog at its best with this pack containing three essential navigation modules made by our studio.

Provide to your customers the products that meet their needs.

Indispensable tool for shops offering a wide selection of products, Advanced Search 4 can add as many search engines as you want and place them in different places on your website.
This module was developed in an effort to provide short loading times, even on large catalogs.
Your visitors can browse products that match their search criteria, to make their purchases in minimal time.

Winner of the Best PrestaShop Modules Awards 2012

Advanced Search 4 won the Best module of the year Award at the PrestaShop BarCamp of Barcelona (Spain)!

PrestaShop Awards 2012 Best Module

Indispensable tool for shops offering a wide selection of products.

Advanced Search 4 adds the multi-layered navigation, search by step, filters and multi-criteria searches.
Each search is saved over the navigation, allowing your visitors to return to the results of their research at any time.

Google is his friend

This PrestaShop Addon is a small revolution for SEO. Advanced Search 4 generate a mass-produced products pages optimized for SEO, and without duplicate content!

Pick up your criteria on which you want to improve your SEO, validate them, and here you go with hundreds of pages listing your products, including: re-written URL, H1 tags, description, meta tags, automatised cross links...

To maximize your reputation, these results pages can be shared on most social networks places around the internet, as well as sent by e-mail.


Types of available research:

  • Multi-criteria
  • Multi-layered navigation
  • Filters
  • Search by step
  • Instant search
  • Predefined search optimised for your SEO


Hooks availables:

  • Top of page (hook top)
  • Left column blocks (hook leftColumn)
  • Right column blocks (hook rightColumn)
  • Custom place (anywhere on your site)


Each search engine can be configured with precision:

  • Quick presentation (size, rich editor, backgrounds, margins ...)
  • Advanced presentation (CSS editor built-in with syntax colors)
  • Display number of results before starting the search
  • Dynamic criteria
  • Search criteria reminder
  • Search criteria conservation over navigation
  • Sort order preferences of search results
  • Pagination
  • Display only a selection of categories or products


Each search criterion can also be configured:

  • Orders preferences for criteria display
  • Types of criteria available in several forms (drop-down menus, links, checkboxes, images, color picker, ranges...)
  • Allows selection of multiple criteria in a group
  • Simultaneous display limit
  • Search in stock products


The most accomplished layered navigation addon for PrestaShop:

  • SEO optimised page generator
  • Search in stock products and combinations
  • Full AJAX
  • Compatible with specific prices rules
  • Uses its own indexes tables for better performance
  • Research on the mainstream product selection (filter mode)
  • Search by price range (dynamic cursors)
  • Multi-criteria searches
  • Multi-layered searches
  • Translation management
  • Multi-hooks
  • Multi-instances by hook (you can add several search engines on a single location)
  • Advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting
  • Share search results
  • Automatised re-indexation after product alteration, doable by cron task and manualy per search engine

Build any type of horizontal navigation bar:

Advanced Top Menu is a PrestaShop Addon that will help you to simplify the navigation and usability of your website. Give to your visitors an overwiew of your catalog making them to quickly find the desired product.

Thanks to its highly modular design, you will be able to use your menu bar to display images, promotions or advertisements, and put forward your offers and services that make your store unique.

With a rich configuration interface, it makes you able to customize your menu bar without special technical knowledge:

  • Responsive
  • Unlimited number of tabs
  • Unlimited number of columns
  • Unlimited number of elements
  • Simple and complete graphical customization
  • Automatic menu generation from your catalog
  • All content types supported: categories, manufacturers, suppliers, CMS, custom links...
  • Conditional display depending on the status of your visitor

Features :

Types of horizontal menu bar:

  • Simple
  • Drop-down
  • Rich menu (mega menu with columns)

It can contain many contents:

  • Categories (with automatic building feature)
  • CMS
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Custom links
  • Images
  • Rich Texts (Flash, Movies, Multimedia...)

In addition, each menu can be configured with precision:

  • Quick CSS edit (links colors, texts, borders...)
  • Advanced CSS edit (CSS editor built-in with syntax highlighting)
  • Permissions (guest or customer),
  • Status (active / inactive)

The most complete menu module for PrestaShop:

  • Cache management, for fast execution and menu display
  • Automatic creation of categories tree
  • Advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting
  • Creating drop-down menus or columns or menus
  • Managing permissions
  • Translation management
  • Image management
  • Search engine with auto-completion
  • Dynamic overview from back office

Add features to your PrestaShop catalog without limits!

With Multiple Features, you can assign as many values as necessary for the same product and the same feature. Remove this PrestaShop limitation and start using your features as you want!

If you also use our layered navigation system Advanced Search 4 (Winner of PrestaShop Best Module Awards 2012), you can give to your customers a more relevant research in your catalog.

Customer study : "Some jewelry may have a different composition and an alloy of several metals. PrestaShop provides the ability to associate a feature to a product. However, I want to integrate in my shop a gold ring set with diamonds and emeralds. But features tab does not allow me to do so. I can't assign multiple values to a single purpose. So I have to choose between gold, diamonds or emeralds. Multiple Features remove PrestaShop limits and allows you to use features as you want !"

Features :
  • Adding unlimited features values to your products
  • Easy to use web interface even for large catalogs
  • Compatible with Advanced Search 4 and the native Block Layered module from PrestaShop
  • Compatible with the back office time-saving application Store Commander (requires paid extension SC Multiple Features)

Enhance your product lists by displaying as many products as attributes that they possess

Do you have a product catalogue with each product having many different options and you want to display them individually, directly on your categories' pages (for PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7) and new products, best sales, price drop, manufacturers and suppliers pages (for PrestaShop 1.7.1 and higher) ?

This is now possible thanks to our Products by Attributes module!

An essential merchandising tool

The different options for your products will be displayed in the same way as your standard products allowing for an immediate and complete view of your catalogue. This will certainly improve your conversion rate to your product pages.

In addition, if some categories in your catalogue suffer from a reduced number of products but are available in different options, our module will automatically enrich these pages.

Amazing attribute management

Regardless of the type of attribute associated with your products, our module will use it to your advantage, highlighting each of them.

Are you selling products that are available in several colours? Present all of them! Your categories' pages will be in glorious colour.

Does your catalogue include a wealth of different sizes? Don't let your visitors waste their time. They will have an immediate view of the sizes available and will be able to make a choice without having to use their "back to the previous page" button.

Module PrestaShop Afficher les produits par attributs

Fewer clicks = more orders!

Thanks to our Products by Attributes module, your visitors will immediately identify the product in the desired format. One click on this format will take them directly to the associated product page which will automatically pre-load the correct format. Click on the "add to shopping cart" button and that's all there is to it!

  • Adds the name of the attributes to the name of your products for better visibility
  • Choice of the attributes from which the products must be broken down
  • Image management related to the attributes
  • Enables the squares under each product which show the colours available to be hidden
  • Enables the different options to be hidden if they are out of stock
  • Pre-selects the attribute selected from the category page within the product page
  • Pre-selects the more suitable combination regarding its price, its available stock...
  • Enables the sort of the displayed combinations (price, stock...)
  • Compatible with our Advanced Search 4 layered navigation module
  • Compatible with the PrestaShop layered navigation module (partial support)
  • Compatible with the PrestaShop default sorting modes, as well as with its pagination
If you are using PrestaShop 1.5 or 1.6, only the categories' and results' pages from the layered navigation modules listed above are able to benefit from the processing of our module.